We enrich your thinking and actions. You reach your goals yourself.

perfact training supports demanding clients in achieving their company objectives. We hold behavioural trainings for all company-related dialogue situations faced by leaders or by employees interacting with customers or team members. Our trainings ensure an effective and pragmatic implementation. perfact training transmits the know-how to execute effective behavioural changes and, through its tools, ensures their transfer into practice.

We enter into an agreement with managers, so that the participants’ CAN effectively becomes DO, every day. This applies to all our applications and formats – from the comprehensive, individual training process to compact measures such as a Telephone Training Direct or Training Via Web.

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Knowledge of the (company) goals is decisive for the success of every training measure. That is why every perfact training coach is also a consultant. We want to get to know you and your challenges. And together we will develop needs-oriented training processes for sales and leadership forces.


Our sales and leadership trainings are not constrained to specific locations or media. We design individualised training processes, tailored to the needs of the client and making use of all available training formats.

Whether classical group trainings in a conference room, live one-on-one trainings at the point of sale, or telephone training, all formats have in common that they deliver measurably effective results that lead to sustainable success in practice.


1 DAY …
Identify problem.
Develop solution.
Train implementation.

With BLUE, the innovative training format developed by perfact training, we solve your great challenges together in just one day.

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Let us benefit together from the success of your training.

perfact training’s success-dependent fees guarantee a WIN-WIN-WIN for the client, the participants and the provider.

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