For managers to fulfil their role as efficiently as possible, perfact training has developed its own management training executed as “Training via Web” – in a virtual training room. In compact units, precisely tailored to the development process and the objectives, managers train precisely what they need – without leaving their workplace.

Participants and companies benefit from Training via Web (TVW) because a perfect preparation of managers for the trainings that their employees attend generates maximum effectiveness with measurable business success.


Supporting leaders in training processes

Leaders should be strongly integrated into training processes in order to ensure that their employees effectuate the transfer into practice. This poses a double challenge for managers: in terms of time and in terms of method. Very many do not take the time to support the training. Often this is because they are also overwhelmed by the method.

The first step to effective leadership behaviour is to no longer just ask in passing, after the training, “How was it?”, but to ask the question, in a short, focused discussion: “What exactly will you now do differently or better than before?”

With Training via web, we support managers in effectively fulfilling their role in the training process of their employees and teams. And they can stay in their office the whole time, as the connection to the trainer is through a web-based application. In compact sessions, the current status of the trainings is reflected upon and the manager receives targeted inputs as well as needs-oriented training to remove any possible hurdles and promote further development.


Time-efficient and effective training

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