Telephone Training Direct increases the sales success and commitment of your employees in telephone conversations! We give you a call and you then train in effective and time-efficient, compact 45-minute units directly over the phone.

Holding customer and sales conversations over the phone is a challenge for every employee. The effectiveness of employees is decisive for success, for example in setting up customer appointments. Our telephone trainings are not out-of-the-box affairs but are instead tailored to your individual needs and the respective learning objective.


General guideline:

The customer you have called wants to know:
Who are you? What do you want? What’s in it for me?

Only those who can convincingly answer these three questions in just a few minutes get appointments, win sales and successfully conclude transactions.

We train sales people as well as marketing and customer services personnel to apply language and voice in an appreciative, benevolent manner so that your customers recognise the benefits and agree to your (company) objectives out of conviction.


Possible learning objectives:

Conversation structure and scenario. Provide the customer and oneself an orientation in order to reach the goal more effectively and efficiently.

Introduce the conversation persuasively. This can be done e.g. with one’s own positioning: “I am calling you today because…”, “The benefit for you is…”, “It is important to me that…”

Transmit to the interlocutor what his benefit is. Intelligent questioning is used to ease reservations and resistance, for example to effectively analyse customer expectations in order to confirm them and anchor the benefit in the customer’s mind.

Reach an agreement through intelligent questions and strong arguments. This allows employees to generate commitment to an appointment or agreement. In parallel to the technical/content-related confirmation, we also work on the emotional level: “I am looking forward to…”, “I would happily take the time to…”, “I will prepare xyz for you…”