A significant aspect of perfact training’s offering of training formats is media-supported learning – e.g. in the form of audiobooks, podcasts or adventure-based learning worlds. Media-based trainings are effective, sustainable and economical. They can be implemented at any time, (almost) anywhere, individually according to the needs and availability of the trainees.

We provide media-based trainings as a standardised solution for all, or we develop, upon the client’s request, individualised solutions for participants and training processes within companies.

Training in virutal learning worlds

Playfully optimise the development of your personnel

Imagine that you could optimise the competence of your managers and sales employees through play in order to significantly improve the performance and motivation of all. Interactive online learning worlds (“Adventure-based Learning™”) make it possible.

In an entertaining interplay between didactically adjusted “adventure” elements – such as role plays, interactive coaching and exciting knowledge games – new contents are addressed in a user-specific manner. Trainees can train new business procedures – when, where and as often as they like.

We create trainings in learning worlds individually tailored to the wishes and needs of the client. Either they are quickly integrated into existing training processes, or they can be flexibly applied by employees and teams for personal further development in previously defined task areas.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Plan trainings flexibly: simulations, quizzes and adventures – all elements can be implemented individually – as single modules, as adventure worlds or combined with a classical training.
  • Measures designed to motivate: employees master exercises through interactive role play and multimedia knowledge games. Achieved learning objectives are rewarded with points and awards.
  • Carry out trainings at any time: employee training is web-based and independent of time and place. All learning contents are adjusted to the personal knowledge level and can be repeated at any time.
  • Greatly reduce per-head training costs: the use of digital learning worlds greatly reduces the costs for live trainings, road shows and workshops.



Audiobook trainings are developed by perfact training individually for each client based on the requirements of their training processes and employees. They are especially designed for the people who are responsible for change: the managers. Constantly growing expectations require more effectiveness and leadership. With every minute spent listening, users achieve significant change in their leadership communication. They improve their decision-making foundation, increase the effectiveness of steering meetings and confirm that their employees are performing toward their vision.