It’s not enough to just be there!

One often witnesses how both participants and trainers use the context of live trainings for self-promotion. But looking good doesn’t lead to success. The methods and tools of perfact training lead to effectiveness – directly and sustainably.

Why Live Training?

Effective training instead of showmanship

Being able to express oneself effectively in the moment during a dialogue requires experience and practice. Training for this works best in real situations – live-coached by the trainer. The trainer e.g. goes along with the sales rep, spends a day with the customer service employee or attends conferences with a manager.

Observations in the real-world environment deliver highly valuable information, while the immediate feedback leads participants to be more effective right away, in time for the next meeting. To counteract the natural desire for self-promotion of all involved, perfact training always works according to a proven structure that is individually tailored to the client’s requirements.

Our live trainings are available for various areas, e.g. sales, customer service, support and leadership.

A typical “Live Training”-day looks like this:

  • Before the Live Training: clear criteria help with the selection of customers, because they are valuable to reaching the goal: e.g. difficult customer situations, new customers or prospects for expanding the business relation.
  • Morning: starts with a concrete setting of objectives for customer conversations according to the training plan (focus-definition of the learning objective).
  • Observation + reflection: every accompanying measure (trainer observes and takes notes but does not intervene) is followed immediately by a feedback session. The top 3 points to change are discussed (up to three observation/reflection rounds are possible in one day).
  • In between are intensive training and coaching sessions, heavy on role-play exercises.
  • Performance + measures: the training day ends with the evaluation of the learning effects and the determination of implementation measures. Management is present in this process.
  • Summary: results and further measures are discussed with the management in order to ensure sustainability + support of the employees.