Rules for our cooperation


The following terms and conditions shall apply to all legal transactions with perfact training Personalentwicklung GmbH (Vienna), perfact training Holding GmbH (Nürnberg) and perfact training Business Development GmbH (Nürnberg) all referred to herein as ‘perfact training’.


Verbally given price information is non-binding and is merely an estimate for customer orientation. We only accept responsibility for prices stated by us in writing and acknowledge these as legally binding.

Offer and agreement

Once a mutual agreement arising from an offer has been reached, no element of said agreement may be rejected, refused or eliminated at a later date. This agreement can be confirmed informally by e-mail or executed as an order confirmation and is in both forms legally binding.  Legally binding agreements regarding the entire project shall be made. Crucial amendments of the sequence during the training phase are to be agreed upon separately. Our offers are valid for a period of eight weeks, unless otherwise agreed upon. After this time period we will gladly update our offer for our clients.

Booking / Commission

When you commission our services either verbally or in writing, you accept our terms and conditions in full, unless we have expressly agreed otherwise with you in writing (according to the offer). In this case all the rules in our terms and conditions not subject to the individual agreement are valid.

Copyright – you can copy everything, but …

… only for your personal use as a user ( this means, not for professional purposes as a trainer, e.g.). All material provided by us during a training is and remains the intellectual property of perfact training and is at the personal disposal of only those persons  who worked with perfact training in the particular training. Any further—even in-house-dissemination and use of this material is subject to our prior written consent.


Payment conditions

We do a good job for you and consider prompt payment as recognition of our performance. Therefore: our invoices are due upon receipt, in other words 8 days net cash-please, no deductions. If payment is delayed, we charge all current dunning and collection expenses as well as the usual bank interest rates. All prices in price lists and quotations are exclusive of the current legally mandatory value-added tax. Unless otherwise offered and agreed upon, an advance of 30% of the contract amount is agreed.

General cancellations and postponements

Nobody likes to cancel – for you as our client it is as unpleasant as it is for us. As a well established company with long-term partnerships, we plan trainings well in advance. Thus we ask for your understanding that cancellations and postponements after receipt of a binding order do entail costs.

Cancellation of the training process or parts of it:

If training processes or projects with several training measures are cancelled or postponed, we charge you with 60 % of the costs associated with the planning, consulting and development of your training measure, plus our trainer resources which had been blocked for the cancelled training process. Those our resources are accordingly not available for other projects and cannot be appointed economically anymore.

Cancellation or date changes of single training measures:
Cancellation or date changes of single training measures up to 43 days before the start of the trainings are free of charge.

For all additional date changes and cancellations …
… from 42 days to 29 days before the start of the training we invoice 60 %,
… from 28 days to 15 days we invoice 70 %,
… from 14 days to 8 days we invoice 85 % and
afterwards 100 % of the price of the affected training measures.

As a gesture of goodwill, we offer for each order of € 33.000,- and higher, the possibility to postpone or cancel one training measure free of charge. Please give us notice as soon as possible. Any costs which cannot be avoided, e.g. such as those for already reserved journeys, will be reinvoiced to our clients.


Postponement and cancellation conditions for Telephone Training Direct (TTD)

Within a project up to 3% of the training sessions can be postponed at no cost up to 24 hours before the appointment  (the best way is written notification by e-mail). We will agree upon a substitute appointment immediately.  Trainings sessions which are cancelled at the last minute will be charged in full. All other postponements beyond the 3%  and cancellations are subject to our general cancellation conditions.


The client and perfact training commit themselves to absolute secrecy about any business or operational matters of the other which they became or become aware of, even after the contractual relationship ends. This pertains especially to electronically processed information. We work for different companies. Trainers and employees are bound to absolute secrecy – this also refers to occurrences in the personal sphere. We therefore ask for your understanding that we can not provide the client with any information about the behaviour of individual participants. We will gladly communicate and document overall  individual performance, as long as it serves the goal and is accepted by all parties and persons affected and any representatives who may be present.


The client and perfact training commit themselves to mutual loyalty. In particular we shall refrain from hiring or otherwise employing employees or former employees who were in some way associated with carrying out of the contract within a period of 6 months after termination of the contractual relationship.

Learning goal responsibility

perfact training focuses the training measures on the specifically agreed-upon behavioural learning goals. Professional content or industry-specific know-how or content similar to that from a management consultancy will be introduced from subjective experience. The accuracy of such content is not binding.  Spontaneous changes in the sequence are the responsibility of the trainer who decides when a change makes sense in terms of achieving the learning goal.


Participants in experience-oriented trainings are insured for accidents. The participants in these trainings are aware of the risk of injury, have chosen to participant voluntarily and are not under any pressure to participate in any given task during the training if they do not wish to do so.   Safety requirements are always met by qualified personnel, which can be proven if required by existing regulations.

The following applies to openly advertised trainings:

If you book an „open training“ for one of the dates offered  as a single person or as a company booking for a single person:  our prices are exclusive of value-added tax, hotel and board. About 14 days before the start of the training you will receive preliminary information about the hotel, the arrival and the preparation.  Training material and information as well as any preparatory material for the individual training are included in the price.

Date changes
We plan our trainings long-term, well in advance. Sometimes there can be changes in the date or location or trainer. If contrary to expectations perfact training cancels a training we will gladly return all the fees paid or give you a credit note for a future training.

Cancellation conditions
Cancellation = resignation or withdrawal from the training for any reason, even illness and postponement!
Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the start of a training is free of charge. Then from 8 to 4 weeks we charge 50%, and afterwards 100%.  However if you name us a substitute participant who actually takes your place in the training, there will be no cancellation fee.  We only accept written cancellations.

Hotel reservations
perfact training will reserve a suitable hotel for your training and charges a service fee for this.  However the formal agreement for your accommodation is between the hotel and yourself as ordering customer. This also pertains to contractual aspects, such as cancellations and charges.  perfact training holds itself harmless from and against any claims or obligation or liability relating to consumption by the participants.


For all disputes which can not be settled through concensus  perfact training Holding GmbH, perfact training Business Development GmbH Nürnberg and perfact training Personalentwicklung GmbH Wien have agreed upon Vienna as place of jurisdiction.