For accurate personnel selection and development

With the online analysis system INSIGHTS MDI®, you get a secure decision foundation on which to communicate with customers, partners and service providers more fairly and therefore more successfully. These tools form an effective basis for efficient personnel selection as well as for the integration of team members and leaders.

Weniger Komplexität, mehr Objektivität

Selecting the right people …

INSIGHTS profiles give you a holistic look into the complexity of human development opportunities. They reveal how we behave in specific work and stress situations, how we act in a team and which role we believe we have to play. They provide a look into our value structure, illuminate our personal drivers and explain why we behave in a specific way.

INSIGHTS MDI® represents a comprehensive tool box, proven over decades and scientifically grounded (MDI stands for Management Development Instruments), that enables companies to recruit the right people, apply and improve on the strengths that lead to company success, and build high-performing teams at all levels of the hierarchy.