Marketing analysis determines the potential of productivity

The Great Sales Force® survey is a standardised tool to determine the potential for increasing the productivity of sales organisations in a structured and systematic manner. The results of the online survey enable perfact training to generate a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the present situation. This analysis can then be used to directly derive, implement and evaluate starting points for raising productivity through effective trainings.

Valuable insights from and for your sales

+40% productivity rise potential

Did you know that sales teams in all industries and company sizes evaluate their potential to raise productivity at +40% on average? (Source: Great Sales Force® Survey – Benchmark-Report 2015).

By asking the sales department, the central interface to the market, management expresses its appreciation for and interest in the knowledge and experience of the employees. Along with the motivating effect, this ensures that the results are not questioned. Some 80 single questions and a special questioning technique ensure a thorough and valid evaluation of productivity drivers.


Great Sales Force enables you to:

  • Survey your entire sales team 100% anonymously.
  • Identify the needs of the various performance groups (e.g. sales people, top sales people, managers).
  • Get in touch with your sales department simply and immediately.

So that

  • you bring your sales team on board for the change.
  • Systematically raise the productivity of your sales team.
  • And sustainably generate organic growth.

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