Optimizes learning transfer. For measurably effective successes in practice.

Training processes often fail due to insufficient communication between managers, trainers and the employees to be trained. These deficiencies in transfer support affect clients as much as training companies, because all stakeholders have a substantial interest in turning supportive measures into permanent success applied in practice. The Effectiveness Check developed by perfact training closes gaps in the transfer process, simplifies the alignment of the actors and optimises the transfer of learning.

Example from practice

Customer services employees have to attend a measure for “named recommendations”. Often, managers have not talked with the employees before the start of the training, which may lead the latter to feel their leadership is not particularly interested in the implementation of the learnt measures. For many employees, their manager’s passivity is a good excuse to avoid behavioural changes. As a result, the new behaviour, learnt through lengthy repetition during the training, is not applied in everyday work, or only to a limited extent.

Effectiveness Check provides the remedy

The “Check” begins even before the first training. Standardised preparatory guiding questions that employees answer (usually with their boss) capture the objectives and motives of the measure – both on the behavioural level (aptitude/learning objectives) and on the attitude level (wanting). This confrontation with the results significantly optimises the transfer process. In the training, the individual learning objectives (within an overarching goal) and the motives of the participants are addressed. All subjectively relevant insights gained during the training are recorded.