If you want effectiveness, expect an economic benefit and also care about the environment, then train with PERFACT CONSULTING. With its “go green!” initiative, PERFACT CONSULTING has been clearly focusing on relevant actions since 2015 in order to promote sustainability in all areas of the consulting business that it can influence.

PERFACT CONSULTING is certified 100% sustainable.

Our hope is that many will follow our lead.



We work gladly and with full commitment for companies in any industry.

But we don’t work for any company.

We are a good fit for companies that…

… provide people with a working environment in which they are happy to work.

… respect environmental, social and ethical values.

… believe that mentality, communication and behavioural consulting and training contribute to people’s development and help them to secure or reinvent their professional right to exist amidst the process of digitalisation.

We do not work with companies who ignore these qualities or work against them.



  • Whenever possible and reasonable, we use remote services (Training Via Web, Skype, Telephone Training etc.) to avoid generating unnecessary travel – and the associated CO2 emissions – for trainings and meetings.
  • We pay attention to the ecological footprint of the products that we buy.


  • By optimising our scheduling, we reduce air and car travel to a minimum.
  • We travel by train whenever possible.
  • We use public transport or bicycles, kick-scooters, e-scooters…
  • We use suppliers who are constantly working on reducing their ecological footprint.


  • We compensate for our operational CO2 factor to 100%.
  • We compensate for the CO2 factor of all our employees’ trips to 100%.
  • We buy CO2 certificates for the trips of our participants.


Since 2017, perfact training’s operations have been certified 100% CARBON NEUTRAL, one of the first service providers in the training industry to be so certified. www.fokus-zukunft.com


Unavoidable trips by plane are compensated through the purchase of CO2 certificates. www.climateaustria.at

Vegetarian food delivery, CO2-free thanks to Rita bringt’s freight bicycles. www.rita-bringts.at

When possible, we travel to our clients using public transport, kick-scooters or e-scooters.


Our printed materials (letter paper, envelopes, brochures, business cards etc.) are carbon-neutral manufactured.

Partner of the Austrian Economic Senate’s Climate Alliance and of respACT, Austria’s leading company platform for responsible business.